Best Hiking Shoes For Men And Women Buying Guide 2023

Hiking is a great way to get away from the daily routine and enjoy nature. But, when hiking, it is important to consider your health and choose the best shoes for hiking. A proper pair of hiking shoes will help you stay safe and healthy during hiking, and keep your feet and legs comfortable.

How Best Hiking Shoes For Men And Women? The simple is to make sure that you get the right pair of hiking shoes for you. The right pair of hiking shoes will give you the ability to hike comfortably without feeling the pain that comes with being on your feet for hours.

Choosing the right pair can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and one that’s painful and uncomfortable. In this guide, I have reviewed the top 10 best hiking shoes for men and women to help you find the right ones that can keep your feet and ankles safe, comfortable, and stable while you are on the trails.

At a Glance:

Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men And Women

Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities for people of all ages and skill levels. It is a great way to get outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy the scenery. There are many different types of hiking shoes that you can choose from.

if you are just starting out, it is important to choose the right hiking shoes. This article will help you find the right pair of hiking shoes for you.

Here are ten great hiking shoe recommendations for men and women from people who know what they’re doing. Let’s have a look at these shoes and know about the best hiking shoes for men and women.


1. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX

Best Pick
Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX

The Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX is made with 100% synthetic rubber and is fully waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about getting any of your feet wet if you get caught in the rain. The Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX features a sturdy heel and toe, a medium width, and a slim fit. 

They’ve designed it with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry no matter what the conditions are, and a breathable upper that lets the air get in while keeping the rain out. It’s also flexible enough to flex around obstacles, like tree roots or branches.

This hiking shoe is designed with an ergonomic fit to prevent blisters, and the midfoot strap ensures stability and support. It also has a protective rubber outsole for traction and durability. This is a great shoe for both short hikes and multi-day trips.

Salomon also includes a molded EVA midsole, which is known for being shock-absorbent and lightweight. It also allows for a bit of flexibility so that you can move in them easily. It features a dual-density rubber outsole, which provides excellent traction.

The sole is made of rubber, which is an excellent shock absorber that absorbs impact and helps prevent injury. It’s also non-marking and anti-slip, which means you can use the shoe on wet surfaces. It also provides ventilation, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable.


  • The shoes have a cushioned footbed and are breathable.
  • They are comfortable to wear and they are flexible.
  • The shoes are made from 100% synthetic material.
  • The rubber sole makes the shoes durable.
  • The lacing system provides a secure fit.
  • It is water resistant.


  • It is not suitable for high altitudes.

2. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge 

Staff Pick
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge 

In a world full of boots, the Newton Ridge is a breath of fresh air. With its luxurious leather and suede, this boot is not only comfortable but also attractive. The mesh fabric gives it a modern touch while the rubber sole provides traction.

These boots are designed with a waterproof full-grain leather upper and a mesh lining. The nylon outer layer is made to repel moisture, and it is secured by two zippers. This boot has a cushioned collar and a mesh tongue to help keep your feet cool and dry.

The soles are designed to keep you stable on uneven ground and they have a multi-directional pattern so that they work well on both wet and dry surfaces. They’re designed to be lightweight too, which is ideal if you’re hiking in the woods or the mountains.

The outsoles are designed for traction and grip, so you can get the best from them regardless of the surface you’re walking on. The shoes are a great option for hiking, trail running, or even around town. They’re also quite comfortable and don’t get sweaty even after long walks.

Columbia’s men’s Newton Ridge hiking boots are a good option for those who want a hiking shoe that provides great traction and protection from the elements. They have an Omni-Grip non-marking rubber outsole, which offers the best grip on wet surfaces.


  • It is durable and does not get damaged easily.
  • The boot is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is made from leather and suede.
  • It is easy to adjust the lacing.
  • It has a good arch support.


  • The shaft is too short.

3. Timberland Men’s White Ledge 

Budget Pick
Timberland Men's White Ledge 

The White Ledge is one of the best hiking boots for men. Timberland is a brand that we’ve used before and know that they’re made to last, so we were excited when we found this pair of hiking boots in our search. The rubber sole provides excellent traction, and the white color makes them easy to spot.

The outer material is made of leather, which is durable and waterproof, and they’re also breathable, so you won’t be sweating through your clothes. It’s also flexible enough to allow for easy movement.

Timberland has also added an innovative removable insole, which gives you the ability to easily clean the boot’s interior. If you don’t like the way the insole looks, you can simply remove it and toss it in the washing machine.

The shoes are made from premium leather, and they have a Gore-Tex lining for moisture management. They’re designed for men, but they can easily be worn by women too. They’re designed to be comfortable and easy to walk in, so they have a breathable mesh upper with a lugged rubber sole for traction.

This is a great shoe that will last you for years, and it’s incredibly comfortable. Timberland’s Ledge shoe is a great option for any outdoor enthusiast, especially if you want something that’s going to last you for a long time.


  • They provide great traction on various terrains.
  • It is made from premium leather.
  • The boot has a nice fit and feel.
  • It is stylish and rugged.
  • They have a good grip.


  • It is not suitable for people with arthritis.

4. Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex 

Best Pick
Adidas Outdoor Men's Terrex 

The jacket has a water-resistant shell that’s made from Dupont Teflon, and the hood and cuffs are also made from Teflon. There’s also a removable faux fur lining inside the collar and hood, which helps trap body heat. You can wear it during the day or at night, depending on what you need it for.

Addidas Made from rubber, this shoe is lightweight and durable, and it has an excellent grip on the ground. It’s designed to be a versatile shoe that you can use for hiking, trail running, and even camping. It’s also great for everyday wear too.

These are made with mesh and synthetic upper material that makes them light and breathable. The boots have been tested to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of hiking, so you know they’re going to be durable enough to handle it.

The Terrex hiking boots come with a removable footbed for added comfort and support, which is a nice feature. They’re designed to be versatile, so they can be worn in different weather conditions. The traction on these is exceptional, and they’re designed to be slip-resistant.

The Terrex hiking boots come in a range of sizes, and they have a wide fit to accommodate different foot shapes. They’re also built to last, with waterproof construction and a waterproof membrane.


  • They are durable and can withstand harsh elements.
  • It has a very good grip on uneven surfaces.
  • They are made from 100% textile fabrics.
  • The rubber sole makes it durable.
  • It provides excellent stability.


  • They are not as sturdy as other hiking shoes.

5. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 

Staff Pick
Merrell Men's Moab 2 

Merrell’s Men’s Moab 2 has been designed with durability and comfort in mind. The shoes are made with premium leather to ensure maximum comfort and longevity. You can wear them for everyday use, but if you want to go hiking or climbing, they’re perfect for that too.

Merrell made this shoe with the same waterproofing technology used in their rainwear and tents, so you can take this shoe out for a run, hike, or climb, and be sure that your feet will be protected from the elements.

They’ve also added a protective toe cap to the bottom of the shoe that should protect against rocks and pebbles that might damage the sole. You can also customize them by adding a few straps to the shoe. If you’re looking for a good pair of trail running shoes, then buy the Merrell Moab 2.

The Moab 2 are designed to be flexible so that they won’t become uncomfortable over time. The Kinetic Fit insole helps to provide extra cushioning and support for your feet. It also includes a breathable mesh upper that helps to keep feet dry and comfortable.

They have a breathable mesh upper for added comfort and a removable insole for extra support. The shoe also features a rubber toe cap that keeps your feet safe from sharp rocks and other hazards.


  • They have a rubber outsole that helps you walk on rough surfaces.
  • It is a shoe that can be worn on any occasion.
  • It is made from top-quality materials.
  • They have a breathable mesh lining.
  • It has a classic design.


  • It does not fit people with high arches.

For Women’s:

At a Glance:

1. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus 

Staff Pick
Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus 

The Newton Ridge Plus is a versatile, comfortable hiking boot that is highly durable, and looks good too. The boot has a traditional lacing system, and there’s a pull tab at the side to help you get on and off the boot. It’s also got a sturdy steel shank that’ll keep the boot sturdy, and a soft foam insole to add extra comfort.

The boot features a rubber sole that is durable and grippy, which makes it perfect for hiking trails. It also has a mesh lining that keeps your feet cool while still keeping the air circulating, so you won’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

The Omni-Grip rubber outsole is designed for traction, and it’s comfortable enough that you won’t feel any discomfort when walking in them. They’re perfect for all types of terrains, and the sole is capable of providing traction on almost any surface.

While hiking, it’s easy to get blisters, so the boots have a cushioned insole and a padded tongue to keep you comfortable. This also makes it easier for you to walk, and you won’t have to worry about your feet getting sore while hiking.

The toe and heel are reinforced with extra layers of leather, and the outsole toe wrap is reinforced as well to protect the top of your feet from damage. The sole is also covered with rubber to keep it from slipping. The sandal is a slip-on style, and is easy to put on. 


  • This boot is perfect for trekking and hiking.
  • It can be worn for all kinds of outdoor activities.
  • It is durable and has a good grip.
  • It provides great traction.
  • It is comfortable on the foot.


  • The rubber sole is slippery.

2. Merrell Women’s Yokota 2

Merrell Women's Yokota 2

While there are plenty of hiking shoes out there that offer good traction and stability, the Yokota 2 is the first hiking shoe that features an extra-long sole. That means it has an extra-deep tread, which makes it ideal for walking through wet grass, muddy trails, and other slippery surfaces.

While the shoes are comfortable, they do have drawbacks. They run a bit small, so if you’re between sizes, you may want to go with the larger size. They’re made with premium leather and suede, and the sole is covered with mesh for traction. 

The upper is made of breathable mesh fabric that wicks away moisture, keeping feet dry and comfortable. Merrell says that this material was specifically engineered for hiking. It provides protection from the elements and makes them more comfortable to wear.

The shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch, making it ideal for a wide range of foot sizes. The Merrell yokota 2 has an easy slip-on design and is a great option for those who are looking for a casual hiking shoe.

The sole is a mix of leather and rubber, and the tread pattern is designed to be slip-resistant. This makes for a great grip, and the rubber offers excellent traction on slippery surfaces. The Merrell Yokota 2 is a versatile shoe that can be worn in both casual and sporty settings.


  • It is suitable for people with wide feet.
  • The upper is made from suede and textile.
  • It has an adjustable shaft length.
  • The material is soft and flexible.
  • It is comfortable to wear.


  • It is slippery when wet.

4. Adidas outdoor Women’s Terrex

Budget Pick
Adidas outdoor Women's Terrex

Addidas made from 100% textile materials that are soft and lightweight, and come with a mesh lining to provide extra breathability. The upper of the shoe is made from a nylon and mesh blend, while the sole is made from rubber.

This shoe is made with a rubber sole that’s both lightweight and highly durable. It’s built to handle rocky surfaces and trails, and it’s suitable for both cross-country and trail hiking. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the elements damaging it.

They are very durable, but the only thing we found that could possibly break them down would be a mountain bike, and we were able to fix the damage by using duct tape. Overall, we love the Adidas hiking shoes and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys hiking.

The shoe features an EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning and a breathable mesh upper. This provides a comfortable fit and superior comfort. It’s also completely waterproof and has a good grip, so it’s suitable for running on surfaces like grass, dirt, gravel, and concrete.

The Terrex Outdoor Shoes are ideal for walking or hiking in any terrain, and they’re perfect for those who love to run, cycle, and go trekking. They have a Continental Rubber outsole that’s made for rugged surfaces and provides excellent grip in wet conditions.


  • They have a good grip.
  • They are stylish, and they look good with any outfit.
  • It has a rubber outsole that gives it exceptional traction.
  • They are easy to wear and to walk in.
  • They are durable, and they last long.


  • The rubber soles are not very hard.

4. Merrell Women’s Siren Edge 3

Best Pick
 Merrell Women's Siren Edge 3

The Merrell Women’s Siren Edge 3 is a good lightweight trail shoe that can handle a lot of abuse and keep you comfortable all day long. They’re made from a breathable mesh material that wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and cool, so you won’t get sweaty or uncomfortable when you’re out on the trail.

The Siren Edge 3 has a mesh and TPU upper, which gives it a great look and feel. While the mesh is very breathable, the TPU is great at preventing moisture from being trapped inside the shoe. This makes it very easy to walk around in, and the mesh also helps prevent blisters.

The Merrell Women’s Siren Edge 3 is a great shoe for any workout routine. The lace-up design provides a classic look, while the padded tongue and collar offer comfort and support. It has a padded tongue and collar that provide comfort and support.

These shoes are lightweight, and they feature a bellows tongue that keeps out debris, and a midsole that is made from durable rubber, which is great for durability. The sole is made from leather too, which is a material that’s soft and supple and also provides traction. 

The shoe features Kinetic Fit technology, which is designed to provide flexible support and help prevent injuries while moving. This technology helps improve balance, strength, and stability. It also makes the shoe lighter and easier to walk in.


  • It can be worn with casual or dress shoes.
  • It is breathable and allows air to pass through.
  • It has breathable mesh and TPU.
  • It is very stylish and trendy.
  • It can be worn by athletes.


  • It is not suitable for high heels.

5. Saucony Women’s Versafoam

Staff Pick
Saucony Women's Versafoam

Saucony makes some of the best running shoes out there, and they have a women’s version too. The Versafoam is one of the best options if you want to invest in a running shoe that’s going to last for many years. This shoe was designed to mimic the look of natural leather, but the material is actually synthetic.

The women’s Versafoams also have a slightly narrower fit than the men’s Versafoam. This is because Saucony made them to match the size of the women’s sizing chart. If you wear a size 10 in the men’s Versafoam, you should probably wear a size 9 in the women’s Versafoam.

With a cushy layer of VERSAFOAM cushioning, this shoe provides excellent comfort, and it’s made for women. It’s designed with a flexible and breathable mesh upper, which provides ventilation and helps keep feet dry.

It features a soft rubber outsole, which is great for traction. The sole is also quite flexible, which allows for good shock absorption and helps prevent injury. The outsole also has a triangular lug pattern, which makes for a more stable and more secure grip on the terrain.

The mesh upper is durable and breathable, so you won’t get sweaty in it. It has a dual-density midsole, with a denser foam at the heel for added support. It’s a great trail shoe that you can wear on the road too, and you can even use them as cross-training shoes.


  • The shoes can be used for running, walking, hiking, and jogging.
  • It has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry in a backpack or purse.
  • It has a lot of cushioning for comfort.
  • They are easy to slip on and off.
  • It has a high-quality rubber sole.


  • It is not as durable as other shoes.

Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men And Women – Buyer’s Guide:

1. Try them on for comfort:

Before buying a pair of hiking shoes, try them on for comfort. The shoe should fit snugly around your foot and ankle, but not so tight that you can’t take a step. If the shoe is too tight, it will cause blisters or other foot problems.

2. Try them on for support:

A well-made hiking shoe should provide the right amount of support, particularly around the arch area. It should be sturdy enough to keep you steady while walking or climbing. The shoe should also be able to withstand impact, such as when you fall down.

3. Get the Right Size:

The right size hiking shoes are important for comfort and safety. Hiking boots generally come in two sizes, depending on the brand. You can usually buy a size up from your normal shoe size. If you have narrow feet, you may want to consider purchasing a wide boot. Most hiking boots are made with extra room in the toe box to allow for wider toes. 

4. Look for the Right Material:

Look for a well-made hiking shoe that is made out of leather, nylon, or rubber. You should also look for a shoe that is designed for rugged conditions. Some hiking shoes may not be made for wet or cold weather.

5. Go for a Quality Boot:

When shopping for a hiking boot, make sure it’s made from quality materials. The boot should be durable and comfortable, yet lightweight. A well-made boot will have a water-resistant lining, a durable sole, and a sturdy heel counter.

6. Consider Your Foot Size:

Your foot size can vary depending on your gender and age. Most people have a size 7 or 9 shoe size. Your foot size also varies based on the type of shoe you wear. If you wear a size 10 shoe, for example, your hiking boot should be made for a size 10 shoe.

7. Wear the Right Gear:

Make sure you wear the right gear when you hike. Hiking shoes should be comfortable enough for you to walk around in all day. You also need to wear comfortable clothing that is weather-appropriate and made from a material that is resistant to dirt and water.

8. Insoles:

The insoles of the hiking boots are important for your feet. They should provide good cushioning and support. Hiking boots with gel or foam insoles are usually more comfortable than those with innersoles made of wood.

9. Look for Features:

Many hiking boots include traction features like lugs, grippers, and spikes to help you stay safe while climbing and walking. These features are important because they help keep your feet dry. Your boots should also have a decent amount of breathability to help keep your feet warm and comfortable. A well-made pair of hiking boots will be durable and long-lasting.

10. Test Them Out:

You don’t want to be stuck with a pair of hiking boots that don’t fit correctly. The best way to test out a pair of hiking boots is to try them on. Walk around in the store and make sure that your boots fit properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy hiking shoes a size bigger?

Many people consider hiking boots to be an integral part of a trip. They claim that hiking boots must be half or full size larger than your normal shoe size, or better yet, the hiking boots that fit you perfectly.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s hiking boots?

While there are several differences between men’s and women’s hiking boots, boots for women are narrower in the front and toe areas and wider in the back. Women usually have shorter and narrower heels than men’s heels.

What type of shoe is best for hiking?

Hiking shoes: Low-cut models with flexible midsoles are good for day hiking. Trail-runners are popular for long-distance treks. Low-cut trail runners: Mid- to high-cut models are intended for day hikes or short backpacking trips.

What is the difference between a hiking boot and a hiking shoe?

As opposed to hiking boots, hiking shoes tend to be softer and more flexible, and don’t need breaking in. They’re ideal for milder terrain and for dry weather, though some say that they’re also better in wetter conditions than hiking boots.


Hiking is an amazing activity that provides both physical and mental health benefits. If you’re going to spend hours upon hours hiking, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper gear. But you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on a pair of hiking boots.

For general-purpose hiking shoes, look for traction, support, and flexibility. Most men and women will find that a good pair of hiking shoes will last them a long time. This article will help you decide which hiking shoes are best for you.

Your goal should be to find hiking boots that won’t let you down. If you’re on a budget, I recommend choosing between two models: The Merrell Moab Ultra Light, or the Teva Sport Light Hiker.

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